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Alessandra Giannini is an experienced paralegal, insurance broker, and business consultant. Driven by a passion for others she takes pride in providing the best help possible. As a Chief Executive Officer at AGJR Enterprise Inc., her goals include giving her clients the best possible service, also training her team to develop skills in paralegal services, financial services, and business consulting.

Claudia Bruno is a passionate paralegal whose expertise spans throughout many aspects of the paralegal field such as the Highway Traffic Act, Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant and much more. As a part of AGJR Enterprise’s legal department, she is responsible for implementing legal strategies that help her clients acquire the best legal representation AGJR Enterprise Inc. provides.

At AGJR Enterprise Inc. Francesca is needed in an assortment of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents, and document retrieval. Her principal job is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case.

Carmen Gomez has an immigration consulting diploma from the Academic of Learning College in Toronto and also a Paralegal Diploma for the same institution. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Fermin Toro University in Venezuela. Carmen is an immigration practitioner. Her experience includes assisting several clients with different immigration matters. Carmen is fluent in English and Spanish. Carmen is very passionate about social justice issues and community service.